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Effective February 1st there will be a new attendance policy. If your child(ren) will be absent or late, notify us via BY 8:00 am. Your email format should be as follows:

1. Subject line: DES, DMS, or BOTH

2. Body: Student(s) name, grade(s), number of days out or estimated time of arrival.

**If you are notifying after 8:00 am, you must call.

Please do your best to call BEFORE 9:00 am as we are trying to keep our students safe.


EARLY DISMISSALS: If you are picking up your child for an unexpected early dismissal, please contact your child’s house office. We will have the student prepared to leave with a pass and notify their teachers. You may leave a voice message or send an email. You will need your license with you in order to sign your child out at the front office.

Red House: Elena Cole (a.m.) ext. 2730 Bonnie Reddington (p.m.) ext 2730

Green House: Marianne Collins ext. 2720


AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS SPECTATORS: Students are not permitted to “stay through” until the start of an after school sporting event. Students must report home following their school day and be transported back to school at the start of the event with a Parent/Guardian. Parents/Guardians must remain with their child(ren) for the duration of the event.


LOST AND FOUND: There are lost and found stations outside of each house office as well as the cafeteria and the gym. Please have your student check these areas for any lost items.


ATTENTION PARENTS: If you will be dropping off any items for your students to pick up during the course of the day (i.e., sports equipment, instruments, lunches, classwork, etc), it must be in a bag with your students name clearly written on the item. We appreciate your help. Sports equipment will be left in the front office and the students will be responsible to pick it up after school.

Attention all DeMasi Middle School parents: As we head towards the tail end of the year, yearbooks will begin to cost more. In addition, we have one week to pre-order yearbooks. The count will close at the end of February and no one will be guaranteed a yearbook unless you pre-ordered. This means that we may only have 50 yearbooks on hand at the end of the year and preference will be given to 8th graders first. Please double check that you purchased or do so now if you want a yearbook. Don't miss out and get upset in June! If you have any questions please contact: Ms. Guerrieri at or Ms. Schaffer at

Attn 8th Grade Parents! The link to order lawn signs for 8th grade graduation is below!

Deadline to order is May 1.

Concert Band & Jazz Ensemble - Spring concert is Tuesday, March 28th. Concert Dress is black bottoms & White tops or all black. Morning assembly will be 2nd period: Jazz Band will report after homeroom and band should report at 7:45. Evening Concert at 7:00 PM - Performers report at 6:40.


REMIND 101: Parents are encouraged to download the Remind 101 app on their cell phones. This is a great way to find out if practices or games have been changed, canceled or moved to a different location. Send a text to 81010 and in the body of the text use the applicable code. These codes change every year.


 BASEBALL: Practice TODAY, Tuesday and Wednesday until 4pm at Memorial; game Thursday @ C.W. Lewis, 3:45; game Friday @ Pennsauken, 3:45.


SOFTBALL: Practice TODAY, Tuesday and Wednesday; game Thursday @ C.W. Lewis, 3:45; game Friday @ Pennsauken, 3:45.


BOYS LACROSSE: Practice TODAY, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in The Loft. GIRLS LACROSSE: Tryouts TODAY; practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


TRACK: Practice Monday; meet at Moorestown Tuesday; meet at Medford Wednesday; practice Thursday.


HOMEWORK CLUB: Any student attending Homework Club will need a pass from a teacher in order to enter and stay after. Since homework club is an academic club, this will ensure that the space is a productive work environment for all. HOMEWORK CLUB: will meet TODAY in room 237; Tuesday in room 237; Wednesday in room 237 and Thursday in room 311. No Club on Fridays.


JAZZ BAND: will meet TODAY in the band room.


UKULELE CLUB: will meet Tuesday in room 558.


STUDENT GOVERNMENT: will meet Tuesday in room 519.


ORCHESTRA: will meet Tuesday on stage. Concert Band & Jazz Ensemble - Spring concert Tuesday (see above for details)


MBRELLA CLUB: will meet Wednesday in room 519.


LEGO CLUB: will NOT be meeting on Wednesday.


PEACE CLUB: will meet Thursday in room 566.


CHORUS: will meet Thursday in room 558.


STUDENT AMBASSADORS: will be meeting Friday in Zen Den

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